5 steps to let go of past hurts

let go of past hurts

The one thing that keeps us from happiness is when we can’t let go.
Usually when someone hurts us we tend to hold a grudge for a long long time.
Holding grudges keeps us from forgiving.The side effect is that we become bitter on the inside.

I must admit that I used to be this way. I used to keep worrying and getting angry about things that happened years ago.The struggle is real. I always want to forgive and forget.
But it’s really hard to let go. I always remember all the suffering and things they did to me.
I couldn’t let go. I couldn’t ignore the fact that my heart still hurts.

The reason it was hard for me to let go is because the people who hurts me the most are the ones I care about,the ones I least expected to. The ones that I love the most. They are the ones that hurts us more. Because we care.If someone I didn’t care about did something to hurt me. I would get over it more easily than if my friend betray me or something like that.

Trough the course of years I realized that I was the one hurting myself more. Because I kept getting angry whenever I remember about the incident. I’m the one crying in disbelief about the things she said to me. Till one day I decided that enough was enough. I deserve to be happy. Now I will show you 5 steps I took to let go of past hurts and become a happier person.

  1. Express your self
    Talk it out. Express your feelings to someone you can trust.If you are in contact with the one who hurts you. Talk to him,get everything out of your chest.Say all that needs to be said.
  2. Forgive and forget.
    Let’s keep it real. Forgiving is hard. It takes time. Try your best to forgive from the heart and not just with words.Try to not think about the past. Let it go.
  3. Cut them off
    Depending on the person and the situation it’s really hard for me to forget about things like that.It’s really easy for me to just cut people from my life.
    I don’t need those kind of people in my life.Toxic people need to go.
  4. Improve
    Leave it all behind. Start a new.Take time for yourself and focus on yourself.
    Improve what needs to be improved to prevent people from hurting you.
    Try to figure out what was the thing that lead them to hurt you.
    Maybe you are to open with people. Or is it that you trust people to easily?
    Fix wat needs to be fixed to protect your self.
  5. Move on
    There is no other way to say this than just move on.Focus your energy on things that will benefit you.Go out meet new people and be happy.


Let us know in the comments what you do to let go of past hurts.


15 Things Happy People Do

Get enough sleep

Do you usually feel tired in the morning? Getting enough sleep will not only let you wake up full of energie.but it will also boost your mood. So no more grumpy face when the alarm clock goes off

Wake up early
Waking up early will give you more time to do things.
You don’t need to rush to be on time.You may even get time to do something for yourself that you didn’t have time to do when you usually wake up late or right on time. Starting today put your alarm clock at least 30 minutes earlier.Give it a week to notice the difference.

Words of affirmation
Before you start your day take some time to remind yourself of who you are and what you will become.Words of affirmation will boost your confidence.
Here are some examples.

I am beautiful
I am amazing
I am fabulous
I know that i can and i will
I choose happiness and success
Today i will let go of the past
I am perfectly imperfect
I am ME


Exercise will make you feel good about yourself.It is a natural anti stress and antidepressant.
Go for a walk and enjoy your surroundings.

Eat healthy
You are what you eat.We all know the difference between healthy food and junk food.Remember you are what you eat. Choose wisely.

Don’t stress over things that are out of your control
Stressing on things that you can’t control or change will only make you angry.Instead of stressing on those things you need to focus on the things within your control.


Don’t worry over little things
Don’t worry be happy.
Don’t cause mental distress on insignificant things.
Free your mind from worries

Be kind to people
When you are kind to someone they will be kind to you.
If you treat someone nice they will be nice to you.
If you treat someone like crap you can expect the same from them.What you give is what you get.

Positive thinking
Your mind is a powerful manifesting machine.
You can manifest your thoughts into reality.
Remove every negative thoughts from your mind and replace them with positive thoughts.

Don’t compare yourself with others
Every person is unique in their own way.Stop comparing yourself to others that seem to have it all.Because behind close doors you never know what’s really going on in their life.

Meet with a friend.if they are unavailable just go out on your own.Meet new people.join a club or sign up for salsa lessons.do whatever you want to do just make sure you are socializing and having fun.

Count their blessings
You are more blessed than you think.I mean you are blessed enough to have good sight to read this post. People take little things for granted.imagine a life without the ability to read or see.That’s why we need to count our blessings and appreciate everything we have.

Self love
Happy people love themself.Take care of your body and mind.Practise self care.

Try  your best to truly forgive someone who has hurt you.But its more important to forgive yourself from past mistakes.Forgive and forget easier said then done.If you need to cut someone out of your life so you can forgive and forget just do it.(i did it) your happiness is what counts.the sooner you forgive the happier you will be.

Do what makes you happy
Find your passion find that something you wanted to do for a long time but didn’t do. Do you have a bucket list but you didn’t do anything on the list.What are you waiting for DO it now.

Leave a comment and let us know What you do to make your self happy?