7 Romantic ideas for date night at home

We all know that when you have kids it’s a little bit more difficult to go out on romantic date nights. But having kids doesn’t mean that you can’t have a romantic night. Instead of going out of the house I bring you some ideas you can do in the comfort of your home while the kids are sleeping.


  1. Movie night:
    The most obvious one is movie night.Dim the lights put on a romantic movie.
    Pop corns snacks and drinks and you two can enjoy a movie night at home.
  2. Star Gazing:
    What you need: Blanket
    Just setup a blanket on the floor lay down in your partners arms and watch the stars.If you want to go deeper into star gazing than you can invest in a telescope and star gazing books.
  3. Backyard Camping:
    Setup a tent and a bonfire in te backyard.
    Prepare some s’mores and other type of snacks
  4. Candle light Dinner:
    This one is a classic. Prepare for dinner together or if you already had dinner make it a dessert night. Buy or make your own desserts. have some champagne  romantic music and enjoy the night. Don’t forget to dress up that will make it all complete.
  5. Body Painting:
    Whats not to like about being naked with your partner? For this one it would be better to do it in a room just in case the little kiddos decide to wake up to go to the restroom or something like that.
  6. Strip game:
    This should also be behind close doors.
    Play any game the easier the better.So you can get to do the other kind of games.
  7. Discover each other:
    Blind fold your self and start exploring the sense of touch and smell.
    Start with the face arms try to guess the perfume he has on. Get to know your partner. Get to know his scent.Because you are vulnerable and can’t see it will be more exciting for both of you.

Personally we do movie night and candle light dinner almost every week.

Leave your comment let us know some date night activities you enjoy doing at home.